A few months ago Rick and I had the opportunity to participate in a wine dinner hosted by 'Villa Parker Summer Wine Series along with Jordan Wine & Spirits.' After dinner a gentleman by the name of Joao Roquette Alvares Ribeiro from Quinta Do Vallado stood up and shared a quote from his experiences with his family vineyard that has been around for over 100 years in Portugal. "Someone once asked me what the best wine in the world is...there is only one answer. The best wine is the one you enjoy the most, but more than that, the best wine is the one that leaves the best emotion. Try having a $1000.00 bottle of wine on the day your wife left you, then tell me how it tasted..wine is about emotions and memories, about who you had it with and where."

We loved this quote! This philosophy embodies Sea Shell Cellars.  Everything in life is better when shared with friends or while making new friends!  Cheers...

michelle carter
michelle carter