Grape Education Series - Grenache


We have an exciting announcement to make for our first varietal series Blog! Recently, Sea Shell Cellars made the decision to switch from our Grenache Blonde to a Grenache Rosé. With the help of our talented team, we created a new wine we believe you will love. It is the perfect wine to indulge in no matter the occasion.

To kick off our new Blog, we decided that there would be no better grape to feature than the mighty Grenache: in honor of the new Rosé. Grenache is a grape that is planted in many vineyards all over the world: France, Spain, Italy, U.S., and Australia. This being said it can often be ignored. It has only begun to take off in the past few years. Grenache is known to have a strong, wider trunk. It also is a wine that ripens late, making it the perfect grape to grow in warmer conditions, like those in Paso Robles. 

Looking a little further at the exact details of the grape, Grenache has some staple characteristics. It is often associated with hints of strawberry, black cherry, and raspberry. Other flavors one may be able to discover would be tones of anise, tobacco, citrus rind, and cinnamon. The tannin and acidity both sit at a nice in between level, not overpowering or depriving your taste buds.

In our Rosé, the nose presents a cornucopia of exotic aromas, mixing notes of guava and papaya with hints of hibiscus and coriander.  On the palate, layers of fresh cut peaches and nectarines emerge while the wine’s vibrant acidity carries it through to a crisp, refreshing finish.

Several Sommeliers have tasted this wine and they have commented that our Rosé is fabulous and possibly one of our best wines yet. It will be released within the next week or two so please check our website or your favorite liquor store if you would like to purchase a bottle. 

There is much more exciting news to follow in the next week or two so please stay tuned. 


michelle carter
michelle carter