Wine Club

01. Wine Club - What are the differences, details and benefits...

Whether for your personal enjoyment or to give as a gift, our Wine Clubs are fun, educational and convenient for wine lovers of all types!  Wine Clubs offer members 2 bottles of wine each month, delivered to their door. Wines are selected by our experienced and highly knowledgeable staff, and are sent with region and winery information, tasting notes and suggested food pairings. Plus, members will receive exclusive discounts when they re-order wines from their Club!

All Wine Clubs include:
• Convenient delivery to your home or office
• Detailed tasting notes on each wine with pairing suggestions
• 15% discount on re-orders of Club wines (while supplies last)
• Monthly subscription to a members-only email newsletter with wine tips, special offers and seasonal recipes

02. Wine Club - What are the prices on Ongoing vs. Prepaid clubs? 

Ongoing Wine Club Memberships -  Price does not include the cost of shipping and handling, which is added to each month's shipment. The shipping and handling rate is reflected in the shopping cart in the initial order and as a line item on all subsequent orders. Pricing for each shipment is shown in an Order Confirmation email before each shipment. These clubs do not have a predetermined end date. We will continue to ship every month unless we are told to do otherwise.

Prepaid Wine Club Memberships -  Price includes the cost of shipping and handling in the one-time initial payment. These clubs ship two bottles every month for the predetermined period of time. Prepaid Clubs make a great gift! 


03. Wine Club - How do I give a wine club gift subscription?

Select a 3, 6 or 12 month Prepaid club for your special gift recipient!  Our Prepaid Wine Club memberships were created for convenient gift giving, with 3, 6, and 12 month memberships. Gift recipients receive all member benefits for the length of their membership.

Place your order planning for the FIRST DELIVERY to arrive within 5 business days!
Please note that all Wine Club initial orders, including a welcome packet with Wine Club details, are shipped within 5 business days of the order being placed. We are unable to delay the first shipment or specify delivery dates for Club shipments.
Your gift recipient will receive an email on the date you place their order!
If you include your gift recipient's email address along with their shipping address when placing the order, they will receive your gift message and notice that a delivery is coming. This notification email is sent right after your order is placed online. Providing a recipient’s email address also ensures their access to all member benefits and future shipping notices.

Don't want to spoil the surprise? Before ordering, go to the Club Detail page and link to the customized Word template to personalize and print a special gift note!
To manage a surprise gift and also ensure the wine club is set up ideally for your recipient, you might consider giving your recipient an advanced note on that special day and set up the details afterwards. We have a link on each Wine Club detail page that provides a nice template, customized to each club. You can click on the link to open the Word document and add any information you want to print a customized gift card. This way you can give them the card on that special date and then confirm your recipient's preferred delivery and email address before you place the order. 

04. Wine Club - When are wine club orders shipped each month? 

FIRST SHIPMENT is sent within 5 business days from the date you place the order!
The first shipment of a new membership is automatically sent within 5 business days of the date the order is placed. This can't be adjusted or held for a later delivery.

Wine Clubs are shipped the middle two weeks each month -  After the inital shipment (which always ships within 5 business days after the order is placed), the regular monthly shipments will occur during the middle two weeks of each month, and no later than the 25th. These shipments can't be scheduled on specific dates each month.

NOVEMBER and DECEMBER are shipped earlier in the month than normal!  To avoid potential holiday delivery delays, and to make sure you have your selections for the holiday, the November and December shipments are sent earlier in the month than the normal schedule. 

EXTREME HOT or COLD WEATHER can create delays in Club shipments -  During extreme weather conditions, we will delay Club shipments until the weather is suitable to ship using standard shipping.


05. Wine Club Member - How do I change my wine club address, credit card, etc?

CALL US at 1-800-000-0000.  To ensure that any updates or changes to your Wine Club subscription are properly attached to your Club and all future shipments, it is best to contact us.

If you are the purchaser of the Wine Club -  You can update address and billing information online by accessing your account. However, once you make those changes, it is important to contact us. Changes you make online are not automatically attached to your future Wine Club shipments. Please give us a call or, after making your updates, visit our Customer Care help section to email us notification of the changes using our "Ask a Question" form. For the security of your credit card data, please do not include complete credit card numbers using this form.

If you are a gift recipient of a Wine Club -  Your Wine Club is actually connected to the gift giver's account. We are happy to make any changes necessary. When you contact us, you will need a recent order number or the exact name on the shipping label to help us find your Wine Club subscription.

06. Wine Club Member - Can I skip a month with a Prepaid or Ongoing club?

Skipping a month is easy!  If you have vacation plans or just want to spread your shipments out a bit, we can accommodate your request. Just contact us in advance to let us know what month or months to skip.

Prepaid Clubs -  If you skip months with a Prepaid Wine Club subscription, any month that is skipped becomes an added month to the end, thereby extending it one month for each skip.

Ongoing Clubs -  With Ongoing Wine Clubs, any month that is skipped will not be auto-charged to your credit card on file. We would simply resume the shipping and billing of your club the next month.



09. Wine Club Member - How do I cancel an Ongoing Wine Club subscription?

If you choose to cancel your Wine Club subscription, you will need to contact us with that request. Please note that any Wine Club shipments that are already in process or in transit cannot be canceled. In cases where shipments are already in process, your cancellation would take affect for the next month's shipment.

If you are the purchaser of the Wine Club -
You can give us a call or visit our Customer Care help section to email us your cancellation request using our "Ask a Question" form.  

If you are a gift recipient of a Wine Club -
Your Wine Club is actually connected to the gift giver's account. We are happy to cancel a club for a gift recipient. A cancellation notification would be sent to the purchaser since it is attached to their account. When you contact us, you will need a recent order number or the exact name on the shipping label to help us find your Wine Club subscription.

Thanks so much for your Business!