Grape Education Series - Syrah

August 01, 2017

They say two are better than one. Together Dureza and Mondeuse Blance, two ancient varietals, created the beloved Syrah. While neither of the original grapes were popular before the combination, they created a grape that is now the 6th most planted around the world. Its popularity is no surprise when you consider how diversely Syrah can be paired with foods. Its pairings range from grilled or smoked meet to stewed fishes to hard and soft cheeses. Another special characteristic about Syrah is its ability to evolve in a bottle over the years, creating some of the darkest full-bodied wines in the world. Syrah is known for its dark fruit flavors: blueberry, plums, black cherry, blackberry. It is also known for...

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Grape Education Series - Cabernet Sauvignon

June 29, 2017

Not all accidents lead to a negative result. Some accidents have created great moments in history that give the world something new. Such was the case when an accidental breeding happened between two grapes: Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. And so was the beginning of Cabernet Sauvignon. Though this accident happened in the seventeenth century in southwestern France, scientists were unable to prove the breeding until 1996. Originating from a red and white grape was bound to make Cabernet Sauvignon something special. The grape has a thick, durable skin. The vine is known to be able to withstand the elements. Another feature about the grape is that it has a high level of tannins, meaning that the wine produced can...

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Sea Shell's new tasting room and the release of our 2013 red blends

May 03, 2017

It's time to announce exciting news! Sea Shell Cellars has opened a wine bar in a fun tasting room called The Rabbit Hole in downtown Paso Robles, which is located at 1244 Pine Street. We are so excited to be welcomed into the funnest tasting room downtown. Please stop in and and taste our wine! Additionally, be prepared to take some fun photos amidst Sea Shell Decor and the overall Alice in Wonderland theme of the tasting room.   Along with the introduction of our Grenache Rosé, we just released our 2013 red blends. They received amazing awards.  Vinous - Explore all things wine By Josh Raynold - September 16, 2017 Paso Robles - Taming the beast 2013 Low Tide...

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Grape Education Series - Grenache

April 23, 2017

  We have an exciting announcement to make for our first varietal series Blog! Recently, Sea Shell Cellars made the decision to switch from our Grenache Blonde to a Grenache Rosé. With the help of our talented team, we created a new wine we believe you will love. It is the perfect wine to indulge in no matter the occasion. To kick off our new Blog, we decided that there would be no better grape to feature than the mighty Grenache: in honor of the new Rosé. Grenache is a grape that is planted in many vineyards all over the world: France, Spain, Italy, U.S., and Australia. This being said it can often be ignored. It has only begun to...

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