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Our Story


Michelle and Rick Carter



Everybody has a story.

Here is ours...

 For those of you who know us, you know about our passion for the beach and wine.  Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to walk along the beach to collect seashells. For those of you that still collect seashells, you are finding them harder to discover. For those of you looking for a great wine at a reasonable price, you might be finding that to be more difficult as well. Our goal is to produce Estate Wines that are high quality, smooth and delicious, at a reasonable price. In 2008, we made the leap and purchased the Sea Shell vineyard which was planted in 2001. Walking through the full rows of vines, many of you will realize the beauty that compares similarly to that of the beach.  Seashell formation, as well as grape formation, is a reflection of the perfection, joy and beauty of our Creator. And so, from this, the name Sea Shell was born. Seashells are powerful reminders of people and places, of summers and toes in the sand. Just as every seashell on the beach has a story of its creation so does every bottle of Sea Shell wine.

Come create memories with us at Sea Shell.

We would love to have you to visit our downtown Paso Robles Tasting Room. We are located at 840 13th St., Suite G, Paso Robles, CA. Please come and try our award winning, boutique Paso Robles Wines!
Michelle & Rick Carter