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From their own characteristics, parents create masterpieces as they raise their children. Believe it or not, Cabernet Franc is known for two excellent “kids”: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is a robust wine that flourishes in many climates around the world, developing slightly different characteristics in each unique region. In cooler climates, the grape tends to exhibit more tart flavor profiles with higher levels of acidity. In warmer climates, the grade adjusts to sweet fruit flavors. “The Right Bank” in Bordeaux is one of the most famous regions for Cabernet Franc. These producers often blend Cab Franc with Merlot, creating the perfect family portrait.

For those of you looking for a trick when identifying wines, all you need to do to remember Cab Franc is think of one of its most surprising characteristics: the bell pepper flavor. Some other notable flavors include cherry, strawberry, tomato, and dried herbs. Just like its ability to adapt to climate, Cab Franc creates highly flexible wines that can be paired with a variety of foods. Wines made with Cabernet Franc have moderate tannins and acidity levels that range from medium to high. It is an easy-to-drink wine and one that many enjoy. If you are making a dish with a myriad of herbs, Cabernet Franc is the go-to option. Other food recommendations are grilled veggies, Italian dishes that contain tomatoes, or meet dishes such as pork or even burgers.

Some additional tips would be to decant the wine if you would like to smooth out some of its spices. There is no need to age these wines for a length of time. It is usually recommended to consume Cab Franc within 5 years of bottling.

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